Fresh turnips at River Run Farm. Separate the tops from the roots for max preservation!

By Bailey Loveless — July 5th, 2023

The end of spring and the beginning of summer brings an abundance of produce to each Saturday’s Market. Artichokes, radishes, and potatoes are just a few of the veggies joining a wide array of greens and garlic scapes. Strawberries, blueberries, and cherries have made their season debut.

Farmers markets provide access to produce right after it has been harvested. The fresher the food, the greater its flavor and nutritional quality. 

But how do you preserve that freshness after bringing your farmers market goodies home for the rest of the week?

Elli Rose of Joy Farm has some ideas for you! 

Farming on the Olympic Peninsula since 2016, Joy Farm harnesses the fertility and abundance of the Dungeness River to grow food for the community. 

Here are Elli’s tips and tricks for keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh after bringing them home:

  1. After coming home from the market, keep perishable produce in airtight containers or bags in the refrigerator.  
  2. If you purchased root vegetables, separate the roots from the tops before refrigerating. 
  3.  If the tops are edible (such as beet greens, radish greens, or turnip greens), store them separately to keep both roots and greens in the best condition until you are ready to eat them.
  4. Buy only what you need for the week. Make a habit of preparing any veggies left in your fridge on Friday so that you can have a fresh start every Saturday at the market.

And for those moments when you happen to find yourself with excess produce, freezing becomes a handy solution to enjoy the flavors of the farmers market in the future.

These practices not only help preserve the quality and taste but also minimize food waste, ensuring that we make the most of our market purchases.