Originally published in Sequim Gazette

As National Farmers Market Week approaches, the Sequim Farmers and Artisans Market is gearing up to celebrate from August 5th through August 12th. National Farmers Market Week is an annual event that recognizes the crucial role that farmers markets play in bolstering local economies, providing sustainable food systems, and fostering community bonds. This week-long celebration is an excellent opportunity for locals and visitors alike to come together, express gratitude, and show appreciation to the hardworking vendors who contribute to the vibrancy of our farmers market and our local economy.

As part of this year’s 2023 festivities, Sequim Farmers and Artisans Market invites you to “Thank a Vendor!” During regular market hours from 9 am-2 pm on August 5th and August 12th, guests are invited to write down their messages of appreciation at our dedicated “Thank a Vendor” booth. The “Thank a Vendor” activity encourages market-goers to share their heartfelt thanks, stories, and testimonials about their favorite vendors.

The vendors at the Sequim Farmers and Artisans Market are not only sellers of produce and goods; they are enthusiastic educators as well as heartfelt conversationalists. Many of our vendors generously share their extensive knowledge of their craft and our community with our customers, swapping tips, tricks, and life stories. These moments go a long way toward creating meaningful exchanges and fostering community building.

“Our vendors bring so much passion, time, and life to market for the benefit of our community as a whole,” said Bailey Loveless, Director of the Sequim Farmers and Artisans Market. “Acknowledging their efforts and spreading positivity is our way of letting them know how much they mean to us.”

In addition to the “Thank a Vendor” activity, the market has an exciting line-up of events for both Market Days. 

On August 5th, the market will be hosting Kids Day, where the first 50 kids to visit will receive a voucher for $3 to spend on fresh produce. Additionally, the market will also be hosting family-friendly activities. The North Olympic Library System will be holding storytime from 10:30-11 am. Families can also enjoy Market Arts with Maplewood Learning Enrichment Program, providing a space for play and creativity together. 

On August 12th, the market will host live music by local duo Nightingale from 11 am to 2 pm. 

Sequim Farmers and Artisans Market is a dedicated advocate for local agriculture, sustainability, and community well-being. Representing over 65 vendors, we strive to create opportunities for local producers and artisans to thrive while promoting the importance of fresh, healthy food choices for our community. The market is a vibrant hub where people from all walks of life come together to connect, support, and celebrate local production.

Join us at Sequim Farmers and Artisans Market on August 5th and 12th during National Farmers Market Week to celebrate our vendors, artisans, and the spirit of community that unites us all.