Originally published in Sequim Gaztte

It’s wonky, it’s quirky, it’s funky! For Eat Local Month festivities, Sequim Farmers and Artisans Market invites food lovers and curious minds to be the judges at our upcoming, Funky Veggie Contest and Exhibit.

This Saturday, September 23rd, from 9 am to 2 pm, we’re blending the fun, the funk, and the formative as we explore unique produce grown and harvested by the farmers represented at the market. Contenders like Seabasket Farms, Joy Farm, River Run, and Tampopo Farm will proudly display the wildest and weirdest treasures sprouting right in their fields. Join us at the Sequim Civic Center Plaza, where the contest area will be set up on the steps and stage area, conveniently located by the picnic tables.

Imagine a colorful table sheltered beneath a tent, adorned with vegetables that defy convention. Some may sport amusing expressions, while others contort into shapes you never thought possible. This is the heart of the “Funky Veggie Contest and Exhibit” – a celebration of nature’s quirks and the remarkable diversity it brings to our tables.

A Deeper Connection to Local Food Systems

Beyond the laughter and celebration lies a profound message. Within the US, studies suggest a whopping 40-50% of fruits and produce go to waste within our agricultural supply chain each year. This figure applies to fruits and vegetables that are perfectly edible and nutritious, but are discarded for purely aesthetic reasons.

The Funky Veggie Contest and Exhibit seeks to not only celebrate what farmers can grow here on the Olympic Peninsula, but shed light on this issue and remind us that nature’s quirks are something to cherish and appreciate within our region.

Be the Judge of Unconventional Beauty

This Saturday, Our market guests will serve as our esteemed judges tasked with observing a display of unconventional produce and casting your vote for the ones that make you smile.

The contest features three categories:

  • Favorite Color: Discover the unexpected array of hues and shades that vegetables can exhibit, proving that nature is indeed an artist.
  • Funniest Expression: Chuckle at veggies that seem to have their own unique personalities, their shapes mirroring playful facial features.
  • Overall Funkiness: Embrace the spirit of eccentricity as you choose the vegetables that epitomize the term “funky.”

So mark your calendars and set your alarms! Visit the Funky Veggie Contest booth to cast your vote! We look forward to a day of engaging with the colorful and amusing display of locally grown quirky vegetables and recognize the uniqueness of our local produce, warts and all.